Go See the Beautiful

The writing of this book was birthed on the eve of my first marathon. As I sat in an Oklahoma City hotel room, looking out the window at a stretch of the racecourse, I was suddenly struck with how my journey to get to that moment was an example of the life we lead.

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I am Rusty Johnson. I have lived in the Miami, OK area my entire life. I was raised by wonderful parents who were a living example of dedication to God, their family, and to many others they were called to serve.

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Young Lion of God

  • Post published:August 5, 2023

Part 1. The attack Chapter 1. Forty-Eight years had passed but he could still see his father dying as if it had happened yesterday, the pain washing over him afresh, like the breaking of the dawn.             The battle had started suddenly, unexpectedly.  Arik was five years old then and the day had begun like […]

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Ode to those who served and died... and to the women who bore them.

  • Post published:May 31, 2021

Is it impossible to move on? Is it impossible to deal with such enormous sorrow that brings constant unyielding pain? Does life no longer make sense? Is it not worth living at this moment? And is living with a sense of purpose and joy completely unthinkable?Or is there a place in the healing process where […]

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So that's why I was there...

  • Post published:May 22, 2021

Tonight I spent the evening doing something that makes me very uncomfortable- promoting, in person, this book I’ve written. I loved writing the book. I enjoyed the accomplishments of running marathons. But, promoting it is hard on me. I had a website made and got a Facebook page, thinking that if the Lord wants to […]

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"It is Finished!"

  • Post published:April 1, 2021

The air was heavy with the tension of injustice.  There had never been a day like this day.  The rabid fervor of hatred was felt in the open streets, hotter than the fires that lit their clay ovens.  A life that had been thrust upon them only three short years ago was about to be […]

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Message to my dirt road

  • Post published:February 13, 2021

But first- this commercial break… (Do you feel listless? Do you feel like you’ve been hit with “life-troubles-itis?” What you may need is a hot new product called “get-back-in-the-game-determinopolis.” Here’s how I know it works. Three months ago today, I completed my fourth marathon in 3 years. I had run multiple times weekly for years. […]

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