I am Rusty Johnson. I have lived in the Miami, OK area my entire life. I was raised by wonderful parents who were a living example of dedication to God, their family, and to many others they were called to serve.

At the age of nineteen, my life changed when I married Lisa. She has been the love of my life and my constant companion since 1983. Her voice is the one I still cannot wait to hear when I walk through the door each evening. Together, we raised three daughters, who have been the absolute joy of our lives. As time often does, the years of having their young voices grace our home flew by at a dizzying speed. Three excellent young men captured their hearts. But the rewards only increased. Nine grandchildren have filled our lives with joy that is overflowing.

This has been our past, complete with fun times and hard times, victories and failures. Our days have been lived out under the guiding hand of the One who gave us life, a good and loving heavenly Father, the Creator of heaven and earth.

My future years, however many they may be, are committed to that relationship of love with my heavenly Father, and to those that He has blessed me with, as being a part of this life’s journey.

I look forward with anticipation to everything that lies ahead.